How to break plateau bodybuilding?



Ok, its been year or more than a year you have been hitting the gym, In first six months you see good progress, you feel and look good the before you ever had been, people start noticing your gains, people start approaching you, then you feel proud of yourself. But then suddenly after a year, your muscle gains stop improving you tried really hard to break or bust that situation.
you feel like something is wrong with your body or nutrition, you do heavy lifts and eats clean also but still, nothing changes.

My friends our body is much smarter than we think it is.

**Steps to break plateau:---

  • STOP doing the same exercise the same day of the same week, its the major mistake we all do, try some advance exercise.    
  •  Change your workout time.YES, it will do help. Change your workout time, for example, morning gym-goers in evening and evening gym-goers in the morning, by doing this it will shock your body. The reason for shocking is your same habit your following from past days, months or maybe years.
  • 30% of Gym and 70% of Diet. (Absolutely NO) You need everything in ratio to match the requirements of Body muscles. Give your 100% in both. in know, it's impossible, but at least don't think like this 30% of Gym, Because workout also matters.
  • Macro Ratios. Macro means tracking the number of grams of protein, carbohydrates, and fats you consume on a particular day. A good starting ratio is 35% protein, 50% carbs, and 15% fat according to your weight to gain muscle mass.
  • Try different and advance Excercise like-

            ->Super sets- A superset is a form of strength training in which you move quickly from one exercise to a separate exercise without taking a break to rest in between the two exercises.

            ->Gaints sets- A giant set is the combination of 3 or more exercises with less than 60 seconds rest in-between.
Giant Sets can help athletes improve muscular and cardiovascular endurance, increase athletic performance, and save time in the gym

            ->Drop sets- is used for continuing an exercise with a lower weight once muscle failure has been achieved at a higher weight.

For example
Set 1: Choose a weight you'd fail at 4-6 reps
Set 2: Reduce weight by 5 lbs. / 8-10 reps
Set 3: Reduce weight by 5 lbs. / 10-12 reps
Set 4: Reduce weight by 5 lbs. / 12-15 reps
Set 5: Reduce weight by 5-10 lbs. / 15-20 reps

->5*5 Training:- In workout A, you do the squat, bench press, and barbell row. The lifts in workout B are the squat, overhead press, and deadlift. For each exercise, you do 5 sets of 5 reps.
for Example -

  • Barbell Squats 5x5
  • Bench Press 5x5
  • Barbell Row 5x5

             Workout B

  • Barbell Squats 5x5
  • Barbell Overhead Press 5x5

->Body Weight Training:- Bodyweight exercises can enhance a range of biomotor abilities including strength, power, endurance, speed, flexibility, coordination and balance.
for example -
1. Chin/Pull-Ups
2. Push-Up
3. Bodyweight Squat
5. Bridges
6. Bar dips

->Partial Reps:- A partial rep is defined as only using half the exercise-specific range of motion for a particular exercise.
Partial reps have one major advantage over full range reps: you can target your resistance to the specific range of motion you are working in.
Doing partial reps can also result in increased blood flow to the muscle being worked, meaning more oxygen being delivered to the muscles and more growth and recovery.

->Forced Reps:- A rep is considered "forced" when a bodybuilder reaches muscle failure during a set and has a training partner assist in completing past the normal point of failure and therefore fatigues more muscle fiber, as well as those that are normally used, thereby stimulating more complete growth and muscle density.

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